Nugget RDC daughter group at the RUW Show 2017 on October 26th 2017

Bull: Nugget RDC 680244 (Numero Uno x Destry RC x Lawn Boy P)

Raised at Willsbro Holsteins in Great Britain, the Numero Uno son Nugget RDC descends via Destry x Lawn Boy P from the famous Canadian Gen-I-Beq September Sacha VG 89 and via her from one of the most influential cows of Holstein breeding, Glen-Drummond Formation Splendor. In the meantime the first daughters of the still genomic sire have calved so that a daughter group of four Red & White and four Black & White heifers could be shown in Hamm.

Nugget RDC

Dairy type:

The young animals presented themselves very uniform and balanced. They have somewhat late maturing type.


Having lots of width and depth the heifers also convinced with perfectly sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

The animals moved very correctly on feet and legs that show good quality.


The udders scored being firmly and highly attached and carried by a good suspensory ligament. Teat placement was partly somewhat wider which is very pleasing in the rear teats.

Nugget promises long lasting, functional cows and this was proved by his eight early daughters in Hamm.

Nugget RDC daughter group at the RUW Show 2017