Ferrari daughter group at the RUW Show 2017 on October 26th 2017

Bull: Ferrari 678525 (Freddie x Goldwyn x Tugolo)

Having Champion’s deep cow family in the background, the early Freddie son Ferrari has top-class figures for functionality, fitness as well as udder traits. In the meantime, Ferrari has almost 6,000 daughters included in the breeding value and so a daughter group of six cows could be shown being in second and third lactation.


Dairy type:

Having medium frame, the cows presented themselves with good harmony.


The late maturing animals were well-developed. As heifer, the Ferrari daughters can be lighter and have less depth, but they have more width and capacity after two to three calvings now. Their rumps are of good width and are slightly sloped.

Feet and legs:

The cows moved on solid and functional feet and legs in the ring.


Having firmly attached, high rear udders, the udders excelled with nice texture, longer teats and a strong suspensory ligament.

The Ferrari daughters score on farms as functional, trouble-free and inconspicuous free stall barn cows.

Ferrari daughter group at the RUW Show 2017