Epochal daughter group at the RUW Show 2017 on October 26th 2017

Bull: Epochal 679890 (Epic x Planet x Shottle)

Raised at Brankamper Holsteins in the Netherlands, Epic son Epochal was already in great demand as young genomic sire. Having the further sire line-up Planet x Shottle x Major x Ronald x Cash he is out of the famous Marilyn family. He had his debut with a progeny group of seven heifers at the RUW Show last Thursday.


Dairy type:

The dairy heifers had good harmony and dairy type.


The animals were tall and open with lots of strength and width. Rumps were partly slightly level and of good width.

Feet and legs:

Having sufficient bone quality, feet and legs partly had somewhat angle, but very good leg set.


Rear udders were very highly and widely attached. Having desired teat placement and good suspensory ligament, the udders were well-textured.

Epochal daughters are functional free stall barn cows and have good persistency resulting from the fact that also cows in late lactation were part of the progeny group.

Epochal daughter group at the RUW Show 2017