Conformation par excellence

Daughters of our conformation sires were successful at different shows in our neighboring countries.

Mad Max

Our red conformation sire Mad Max excelled with daughters at the regional show in Verdun, France, taking place on occasion of the exhibition Expo de Verdun. He got the show blood from his dam, the successful show diva Maxima, and it seems like that he passes it onto his progeny.

In the class of young cattle at the age of 10-15 months, Luxmiracle ranked 1a and was followed by her barn mate Lux Mikie. Both cattle were shown by Gaec Missouri.

Not only Mad Max convinces with conformation, but also the Black & White Goldwyn son Goldday had several cows for the show ring. A young Goldday daughter out of a Charts dam ranked second in her age group 36-48 months at the Open Liegeois in Belgium. She is owned by Hagelstein-Locht from Lontzen.

Last but not least let’s head to Switzerland and the show “Vierrassenschau” traditionally held on occasion of the agricultural fair “OLMA”. Lacoste daughter Cardinale of Armin Amriswil asserted herself against her competitors there and won the Red Holstein class.

We congratulate the breeders and owners on these beautiful animals and wish lots of success and joy in the barn with Genetics made in Germany!