Masato daughter group at the show “Blickpunkt Rind 2017” on October 19th 2017

Bull: Masato 811476 (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn)

The interested audience got to see five heifers of the highest Mogul son in Germany. Having the deep Canadian pedigree of the Lexis Dundee Desire family, it is not surprising that Masato belongs to the best conformation sires of the current top list. He could impressively prove this with his daughter group.


Dairy type:

The daughters from Masato’s test period presented themselves as perfect, rather medium-sized free stall barn cows.


Having sufficient type, they showed somewhat more strength in the fore hand and wide rumps that could partly be somewhat level.

Feet and legs:

Feet and legs of the Masato daughters are clearly above average. With very good bone quality, rear legs have a parallel set and optimal angle.


Udders are very well-textured with high and wide rear udder. Moreover, they have well-placed teats of optimal length.

Altogether, Masato can be widely used due to his favorable calving traits and his enormous fitness breeding values.