Saying goodbye to Jerudo

The Red Holstein bull Jerudo who was in high international demand passed away in the beginning of October 2017. The Jerom son was put to sleep half a year before his 15th birthday.


Jerudo’s productive, uncomplicated and fertile daughters were the best figurehead for this bull born March 26th 2003. He was bred by the KG Niemann in Ellingstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, out of the Rudolph daughter Zuchttaube and had been home at the A.I. stud of our member VOSt in Georgsheil since April 2004. Jerudo was used frequently during the first years so that he has more than 33,000 daughters to date. He was the most popular Red Holstein import bull especially in the Netherlands for years and had numerous bull dams due to his high fitness transmission and the special aAa code 564123. He was also in great demand in other countries.

A first juvenile progeny group of Jerudo from the test period was presented at the EuroTier 2008. This group was very well-received by the visitors. The cow Viola VG 87 that was one of the three daughters shown back then is still active with a current lifetime production of 84,294 kg milk with 4.22 % fat and 3.47 % protein. The high lifetime productions of the Jerudo daughters are deeply fixed in his cow family. Both Jerudo’s grand dam Nordwind EX 90 (s. Tab) and his great grand dam Juwel VG 85 (s. Asterix) produced more than 100,000 kg milk. The first of his progeny will reach this limit by the end of this year probably.

Jerudo himself was really impressive and scored EX 92 at the age of 11 in 2014. Until his death, he was the Red Holstein bull having the highest classification in Germany. Through his long-lasting, vital daughters, his influence on Red Holstein breeding will be appreciable for years beyond.

Jerudo daughter Viola (3rd lac.)