Bull of the month September 2017: Blue Car 924741

Brasil x Glorious x Destry

13:54Age: 1 year
Category: Bulle des Monats
Blue Car

In September 2017, we would like to introduce the young sire Blue Car who just got his first official breeding values in August.

Via VG 86 Glorious x VG 85 Destry x VG 87 Classic x VG 88 Lightning x VG 88 Merton, Blue Car descends from the famous Geertje family, directly joining the success story of the Geertjes.

Blue Car can definitely be called an all-rounder. Milk production is characterized by high components with sufficient milk yield. His breeding values give raise to cows with solid conformation, good locomotion as well as highly and firmly attached udders. He also shows great functional traits such as good udder health, longevity and daughter fertility. All this promises trouble-free free stall barn cows resulting in a high fitness breeding value.

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