Genomic newcomers in August 2017

The second batch of Battlecry sons also offers interesting new sires. However, the very top was captured by an Araxis son, Avicii. Among Red Holstein there are only few new bulls at the top.

Pinterault, No.3 on the top list

Toplist Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (genomic tested bulls)




With 75 new bulls in the Top-250 the refreshment is more noticable than in April. But this is not due to the dominance of one especially successful sire of sons. Only Battlecry (11) and Board (8) are represented by many sons whereas the other 56 new bulls distribute among 33 different sires of sons with maximum 5 new sons.


Araxis (Balisto x Numero Uno), whose semen does not qualify for Europe, sends his first five sons into competition and one of them to the very top, Avicii. On the dam’s side there is a young Montross daughter out of Numero Uno of De-Su and prior to her a full sister of McCutchen. Having RZG 162, Avicii „only“ has RZM 142 (+1,344 kg, +0.05 % fat, +0.14 % protein), however, RZN 135, RZR 127 and RZS 116. Therefore he is the second highest bull for fitness altogether (RZFit 152). Concerning udder (124) as well as feet and legs (121) he does not show any weakness and with regard to body traits he is a very modern bull: all body traits are slightly above average, also for stature. Moreover, Avicii is an optimal calving ease bull with easily born calves (RZKd 111) and trouble-free calvings of his daughters (RZKm 115). Absolutely no mistakes can be found, even milkability is above average (RZD 115). Thus, Avicii is more than a worthy leader of the top list.

Ranking No. 2, the Shep son Supercup (dam full sister of Battlecry) was able to overtake Pinterault. Supercup scores with production (RZM 150) combined with longevity (RZN 134). However, regarding conformation (RZE 118, udder 117, feet and legs 111) he cannot keep up with the other Top-10 bulls. The list leader of April, Pinterault (No. 3, Penley x Balisto), loses slightly in production (RZM 146) and conformation (RZE 120, udder 124, feet and legs 105).Following on No. 4 is the second highest newcomer and early son of the French bull Jetset (Doorman x Ermes), Jameson. With Jake there is an at least just as interesting full brother, ranking only marginally lower on No. 15. Their Dutch dam is a Balisto x Man-O-Man and has another son in the top list, Mitch. Jameson owes his somewhat higher gRZG especially to the higher production transmission (RZM 144, +1,485 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, +0.11 % protein) compared to Jake (RZM 139, +1,467 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, +0.09 % protein). In return, Jake offers 5 points more for RZE (140 to 135) and udder health (RZS 126 to 121). Both sires are very strong regarding udder (Jake 142, Jameson 140) and good for feet and legs (122 to 119).

Also new on No. 5 is the Bestboss (Boss x Maxim) son Bestday. Having RZM 153 (+1,577 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.18 % protein) he is the highest newcomer for production (dam Balisto x Emerald). Having also solid conformation (RZE 123, udder 124, feet and legs 112), milkability (RZD 91) should be kept in mind when mating.

Ranking No. 6 is a bull without Balisto in his pedigree, Cidre (Cinema x G-Force x Goldwyn). He also scores with the combination of lots of production (RZM 144, +1,261 kg milk, +0.39 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and very good longevity (RZN 134) with solid conformation (RZE 123, udder 118, feet and legs 127).

Following are two bulls in the Top-10 which can also be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems, Malinus (No. 7, RZRobot 127) and Semino (No. 8, RZRobot 130). Malinus (Modeco x Balisto) has the highest RZE in the Top-10 (139, udder 129, feet and legs 132) and is expected to transmit the frequently desired longer teats. Also regarding transmission of milk quantity he is the only bull among the Top-10 with more than +2,000 kg milk (RZM 151, -0.18 % fat, +0.03 % protein). Semino (Silver x Balisto) is strong for conformation as well (RZE 133, udder 134, feet and legs 118), having RZM 148. His RZM, however, is more based on components (+0.36 % fat, +0.21 % protein) than on enormous milk quantity (+1,189 kg milk).



On No. 9 we can find the fourth and last newcomer among the Top-10, Bowler. He is also the highest of the 11 new Battlecry sons. The dam is a young Molotov x Shamrock. With RZM 142 (+899 kg milk, +0.41 % fat, +0.23 % protein) and RZE 130 (udder 128, feet and legs 122) he is a more than solid allrounder, presenting his absolute strength in longevity (RZN 137, RZFit 141).
The Top-10 is completed by Barabo. The Battlecry son, inbred (paternal grandsire and maternal grandsire) to Balisto was ranking No. 2 with the last proof run, but he loses 5 points in production to RZM 138 now (+0.51 % fat, +0.27 % protein).


Balisto grandsons

The highest of the 13 Battlecry sons, already known in April, and the two new ones in the Top-10 set very high standards of course for the other 9 new half-brothers. Brilliance (No. 14) does not only score with his high ranking but particularly with his breeding value making this high position possible: RZE 132 (udder 130, feet and legs 120), RZS 129, RZN 138, RZR 115 and RZKm 110. It is self-evident that production transmission suits as well with such a high-ranking bull (RZM 136, +1,485 kg milk, +0.08 % fat, -0.03 % protein). Brilliance originates from a Canadian Cashcoin x AltaAirnet daughter.

Ranking new on No. 47 is Big Ben with lots of milk quantity (+1,773 kg) and almost neutral components (RZM 138) and RZE 130 (udder 125, feet and legs 122) as well as RZN 130. He originates from a Danish Sargeant daughter, which is the full sister of a high Scandinavian young bull. The granddam is the full sister of the Bookem son VH Barkley, ranking No. 200 in the Interbull top list of daughter proven bulls. The same sire line-up is valid for Blanko, new on No. 138 (RZM 138, RZE 123). He is a Battlecry son as well, originating from a full sister of the dam of Big Ben.

The good conformation is one of the hallmarks of the Battlecry sons, however, Baku (mat. grandsire Kahuna), new on No. 79, clearly excels with RZE 136. Besides good udders (129) and feet and legs (120) he also transmits a lot of stature, capacity and dairy type. The granddam of Baku is a full sister of Bodyguard (Bookem x Dotson), which would be ranking high in the list of daughter proven bulls, however, there is no more semen available.

Davis (No. 237) also has RZE 136 (udder 134, feet and legs 119). He is a paternal Balisto grandson as well, via his sire Dijon, out of an Anton x Freddie dam. Due to the combination of good direct calving ease (RZKd 113) and very good calving ease of daughters (RZKm 111) he should find his market (RZM 133, +1,062 kg milk, +0.32 % fat, +0.04 % protein).

Position No. 19 is occupied by Brand, a high newcomer and paternal Balisto grandson (sire Balu) out of Mahuva x Guarini x Stylist. Brand is a completely solid sire (RZM 146, RZE 121, RZS 115, RZN 130) that can also be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 124).

Due to less production (RZM 121) another new Balu (Balisto x Epic) son, Borello (dam Tribune x Yorick), is ranking significantly lower (#140). However, having RZN 147 and RZS 137 he is the highest ranking bull for longevity and udder health of all Top-250 bulls (RZFit 146). With RZE 129, his linear is also very respectable indeed (udder 128, feet and legs 117).

Blondin (No. 20) is a paternal Balisto grandson as well, this time via his sire Barcley. He is one of only two bulls which combine RZM >150 and RZE ≥ 130 (udder 122, feet and legs 123). Despite of +1,681 kg milk, components are positive (+0.06 % fat, +0.14 % protein). Moreover, he is supposed to produce tall daughters with lots of capacity and even be recommended for the use on heifers (RZKd 115). In his maternal pedigree he can be traced back to Racer and Mogul.



Directly behind is Beatclub (No. 21), a son of the frequently used Beatstick (Balisto x Goldchip) out of a Doorman x Man-O-Man dam. Having RZRobot 133, he is one of the most appropriate bulls for farms with automatic milking systems. Notwithstanding the above, he also convinces with RZM 143 (+1,136 kg milk, +0.24 % fat, +0.19 % protein) and RZE 132 (udder 127, feet and legs 125) as well as calving ease (RZKd 115). So far, there is only one other Beatstick son in the list, Bassist (No. 98, mat. grandsire Shaw), being No. 1 for RZRobot (143) and transmitting longer teats (119), a good milkability (RZD 108) and a nice allocation of teats, wider in the rear and more narrow in the front (RZM 136, RZE 131, udder 122, feet and legs 127).

Another new son with very good suitability for automatic milking systems is Bruns (RZRobot 137). His ranking on No. 30 already shows that he also has to be good for production (RZM 137), conformation (RZE 128, udder 134, feet and legs 112) as well as longevity (RZN 137). Bruns is a Barolo son and, thus, a paternal grandson of Balisto as well (dam Racer x Epic).

The only Harper (Balisto x Epic) son so far is Hype on No. 46. On his dam’s side he originates, via Model and Altalota, from the Outside Kora family. Having RZM 146 (+1,114 kg milk, +0.16 % fat, +0.26 % protein) and RZE 128 (udder 121, feet and legs 121) Hype is altogether a very balanced bull without any weaknesses.

Among the maternal grandsons of Balisto the bull Flavour is high ranking on No. 27, particularly due to the combination of high RZM 142 (+1,427 kg milk, +0.22 % fat, +0.06 % protein) with 134 for longevity (RZE 126, udder 124, feet and legs 115). His sire is Flattop (Platinum x Mogul).

Economy (No. 65) descends from the combination of Eclair (Lancome x Numero Uno) with a Balisto daughter. However, it is not just any Balisto daughter, but a full sister of, among others, Baltikum    (No. 130) and therefore she is one of the many successful descendants of super bull dam Anderstrup Show Heaven with sons like the former No. 1 Cinema. Her grandson Economy offers a balanced profile with RZM 140 (+1,767 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, -0.01 % protein) and RZE 131 (udder 124, feet and legs 119). His significant transmission of stature (126) is not assessed positively everywhere, but he also transmits a lot of strength and depth and, nevertheless, he belongs to the calving ease bulls (RZKd 110).

The only Heffner (Diamond x Epic) son so far, Hellas (#66), also descends from a Balisto daughter. His strength is udder transmission (131) including longer teats (RZE 132, feet and legs 116). Although milk quantity is a bit limited (+817 kg) he achieves RZM 136 due to high components (+0.17 % fat, +0.22 % protein). In combination with RZS 127 and RZN 131 Hellas can be widely used and is supposed to produce trouble-free daughters, which are easy to milk (RZD 107).

Other new bulls without Balisto blood

There are currently also many new bulls without Balisto in their pedigree. Carel (No. 33) is a Cinema son out of Anton out of a full sister of the high daughter proven Danish Bookem son VH Boogie. With more than +2,000 kg milk Carel offers neutral components and thus RZM 147. His other breeding values are faultless (RZE 123, udder 113, feet and legs 125) and he can be recommended for the use on heifers (RZKd 111).

Chicago (#81, mat. grandsire Cashcoin) is another Balisto-free Cinema son (RZM 139, RZE 126, udder 119, feet and legs 122).

Through positive components (+0.11 % fat, +0.19 % protein) Johnson (No. 42, Jetset x Big Point) is able to achieve an almost equally high RZM as Carel (146, +1,315 kg milk). Having RZE 134 and udder 135 (feet and legs 118) he is supposed to improve conformation significantly.

The Jedi (Montross x Supersire) sons have clearly more problems within the German estimation system than in North America, which is due, amongst others, to his below-average transmission of feet and legs. Having 109 for feet and legs, Jacob (No. 108) is the best among only 5 Jedi sons so far (RZE 126, udder 127). With the maternal pedigree Halogen x Dorcy he is a welcome blood alternative (RZM 137, +1,384 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, +0.06 % protein).

Bumper, new on No. 121, presents a good production transmission (RZM 140, +1,259 kg milk,    +0.19 % fat, +0.10 % protein) as well as solid conformation (RZE 126, udder 118, feet and legs 124). The special thing about him is the fact, on the one hand, that he is one of only two Bolaro (Boss x Beacon) sons, but rather his red factor, which he received from his Aikman x Destry dam.

Conformation enthusiasts will quickly get aware of Macron, even though he is ranking a bit lower on No. 239 (RZM 131, +1,622 kg milk, -0.23 % fat, -0.07 % protein). Having RZE 144, he is No. 1 in the top list. Udders (136) and feet and legs (131) are excellent. With stature of 139 combined with rump width 124, strength 108 and body depth 115 his daughters however do not fit in every barn. This super conformation originates from an uncommon pedigree with Altahotrod (Jerod x Altalota) as sire and a French cow family with the sire line-up Doorman x Via Thelo x Roseo Joc x Orcival For x Lilas Moun.

In the segment of polled bulls there is only little new. The more positive is the homozygous polled Mystic PP (No. 105, RZM 131, RZE118, udder 123, feet and legs 110). Regarding fitness traits he is outstanding (RZS 129, RZN 137, RZR 114, RZKm 111).



Red Holstein

Pace Red (s. Pad-Red) is not only able to defend his top position with gRZG 161, but even extends his lead by 2 to enormous 10 points now. The reason for this tremendous lead is particularly the combination of high production (RZM 151, +2,402 kg milk, -0.26 % fat, -0.08 % protein), the highest longevity of all bulls in the top list (RZN 130) and additionally the fact that no other bull is higher in RZFit than he is (139). Moreover, he presents faultless conformation (RZE 123, udder 123, feet and legs 112), excellent milkability (RZD 122, RZRobot 121) and he is suitable for use on heifers (RZKd 108, RZKm 111). Thus, for the time being, Pace Red clearly sets the standards among Red Holstein worldwide.

The highest newcomer of April, Silky, could narrowly defend his second position, even though he had to take slight losses. The following two bulls are close behind with same gRZG of 151. Silky is a very interesting sire with RZM 135 (+2,096 kg milk, -0.31 % fat, -0.20 % protein), RZE 134 (udder 129, feet and legs 129) RZS 117 and RZN 127. The Destry granddam of Silky is the dam of Brekan, who has 4 sons in the top list and therefore has the most of the 11 new bulls in the top list.

Argus P remains the highest polled bull (No. 3, Apoll P x Fageno). Just as the two bulls before him, Argus P also exceeds +2,000 kg milk, however with nearly neutral components (-0.02 % fat, -0.08 % protein, RZM 146). With RZE 123 (udder 127, feet and legs 107) he also convinces regarding udder health (RZS 116) and longevity (RZN 119).

Backup on No. 4 was the first bull that could not be found in the top list of April, although he already had published genomic breeding values. His official testing for Brachyspina was missing then; however, this is required, besides the results for BLAD, CVM and CD, for the official top lists of the breeds. Backup is, via his sire Bagno RDC, a grandson of Balisto, descending maternally from the Massia’s (dam Perfect Aiko x Snowman) and thus he is outcross among Red Holstein. Concerning his breeding values with RZM 145 (+1,941 kg milk, -0.24 % fat, +0.00 % protein) and RZE 128 (udder 122, feet and legs 122) he can be used widely. Backup particularly promises very high rear udders (130).



Abi Red (s. Apoll P) remains on No. 5, having the highest RZM (152) of all Top-10 bulls (+1,755 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.08 % protein). Therefore it is not very surprising that daughter fertility (RZR 91) is no strength of him. Apart from that he is faultless (RZE 121, udder 120, feet and legs 110).

Sunset Red (No. 6, s. Sunfish RF) is still the highest bull for milk quantity in the Top-10 and he is even able to increase this (+2,413 kg, -0.17 % fat, -0.10 % protein, RZM 151). His daughters promise to become very tall and dairy (udder 117, feet and legs 106, RZE 118).

Efraim (s. Effort), constantly on No. 7, is a very special bull. Considering the enormous milk quantity (+2,203 kg), the low fat percentages (-0.50 %) do no longer fit in the present time (-0.04 % protein, RZM 145). The low daughter fertility (RZR 92) as well as milkability (RZD 93) and temperament    (MVH 84) also have to be kept in mind when mating. However, feet and legs (127, udder 110, RZE 120) are his strength.

Dreamboy (No. 8, s. Debutant) rather lives up to his name, having RZM 140 (+1,821 kg milk, -0.12 % fat, 0.06 % protein), RZE 126 (udder 127, feet and legs 115) and faultless breeding value profile in every respect.

On No. 10 we finally find the highest real newcomer, Aperol P. He is a late Apoll P son out of a VG 87 Ladd P daughter with 3.82 % protein. With her daughter proven Mogul half-brother Morius (RZG 128) the cow family had already demonstrated its transmission potential. And Aperol P presents clearly positive components as well (+0.24 % fat, +0.11 % protein, +1,470 kg milk, RZM 147). The linear profile shows lots of stature (123) and capacity (udder 117, feet and legs 110, RZE 122).

Aperol P

Outside the Top 10 we find Barcode, listed for the first time on No. 20. He debuted in April already, but had no (free) result for Brachyspina then. He is one of 11 Red Holstein bulls with more than 2,000 kg milk (-0.41 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 138) and additionally has the beta casein variant A2A2. The linear presents very good feet and legs (125) and good udders (112, RZE 122), however, the somewhat shorter teats (88) should be considered when mating. Barcode is, via his sire Bagno RDC, a Balisto grandson out of a Desmond x Malvoy x Carmano daughter.

Having RZE 139, the new Blow Red (No. 24) is the second highest bull by RZE in the top list and this is particularly due to the outstanding udders (138, feet and legs 116). With 139 he transmits extreme stature and lots of capacity. However, Blow Red is far more than just a conformation specialist. With +2,101 kg milk (-0.17 % fat, -0.12 % protein, RZM 143) he also belongs to the strongest bulls regarding production. Blow Red is a Brekan son out of a very productive Galaxy dam out of a full sister of Aikman.

Only two positions behind is Blue Car on No. 26, the first Brasil (Balisto x Snowman) son. His dam is a Dutch Glorious x Destry. With +0.25 % Blue Car is the second highest protein transmitter in the top list (+0.15 % fat, +772 kg milk, RZM 135). Otherwise he is a faultless allrounder (RZE 120, udder 118, feet and legs 114).

The same is valid for Desert Red (No. 46), the last one of 11 newcomers in total: RZM 137 (+1,186 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, +0.13 % protein), RZE 119 (udder 116, feet and legs 115).

There is still one interesting new polled sire to report: Elaikan P (No. 42). He is the first Kansas P (Kanu P x Fidelity) son and originates from Aikman x Planet. Elaikan P combines nice production breeding values (+1,397 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, -0.04 % protein, RZM 132) with very good conformation (RZE 126, udder 121, feet and legs 128), good longevity (RZN 121) and good milkability (RZD 114), together with low somatic cell count (RZS 113).