Mogul sons conquer the top list in August 2017

It is the Mogul sons‘ proof run. Even eight of the first 20 daughter proven sons are in the Top-15. Epic is not that successful as a sire of sons. Only three of the 11 new sons are in the Top-50. Among Red Holstein, there are only a few new bulls in the upper top list.

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Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)


Big Point is the only bull to remain of the current dominance of the Bookem sons in the Top-10. However, he is still on top on No.1. His daughters doubled to 3,520. Having constantly good conformation figures (RZE 120) which were well-proved by his daughter group at the German Holstein Show in Oldenburg, the first daughters in third lactation now cause a little decrease for production (RZM 136, -3), but +3 longevity points to impressive 127, the highest RZN of all Top-25 bulls. There is also good news for his so far only weakness. Milkability has again improved slightly to RZD 93 which does not really speak for a wide spread use.

Big Point only leads by one RZG point because the highest newcomer, Garvin (s. G-Force), is coming closer with RZG 146. Garvin‘s VG 88 dam (s. Super) and VG 89 grand dam (s. Roumare) are housed in Denmark. The cow family behind are the well-known Dutch Grietjes. Garvin‘s strengths are RZM 136 with strong components (+0.23 % fat, +0.19 % protein). The linear is unremarkably good (RZE 112, udder 111, feet and legs 111).


Snowboard (Snowman x Gibor x aha Carla EX 95) is one of the biggest winners of this proof run with +5 RZG points to 145 and rank 3. Many of the 2,936 daughters to date are in second lactation now and make production (RZM 139, +5) and longevity (RZN 119, +3) go up.

The first Lexor (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) sons cannot rank very highly so far, except for Lexard, new on No.4. For this son out of the Radieuse family (dam: Wizzard x Baxter 2), this is especially due to high production predisposition with +1,680 kg milk and positive components (RZM 145). The conformation breeding values with RZE 106 (udder 99, feet and legs 117) are very similar to the sire’s. Having only 33 early daughters, 21 of them classified, the development remains to be seen the more as the first production figures are far above the genomic values.

Masato (dam: Man-O-Man x Goldwyn), the early Mogul son who was new with only 12 daughters last time, remains the highest among the many successful half brothers on No.5 now. He has 78 daughters now, making him reach RZM 137 (+0.38 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and RZE 130 (udder 125). Having feet and legs 133, he belongs to the best 5 of all top list bulls. He tends to transmit sloped rumps (76) which has to be kept in mind when mating. However, there is not any weakness of Masato. In contrast, he scores for e.g. very good milkability (RZD 116) and easy calving daughters (RZKm 118) even for the functional traits. Snowman – besides Snowboard – has a second son rank in the Top-10, Schiller on No.6.

The maternal brother (dam: Xacobeo x Shottle) of the two Bookem sons Bangard (No.47, RZM 130, RZE 135) and Banesto (No.42, RZM 121, RZE 131) slightly wins in almost all fields now with 174 daughters (RZM 143, RZE 125, udder 120, feet and legs 109). Daughter fertility with RZR 90 is below average, but this does not surprise with +2,288 kg milk (No.2). He is one of only 4 bulls in the top list that can be recommended for farms using automatic milking systems (RZRobot 124).

He is followed by 4 Mogul sons. Mercury on No.7 is new and descends from a German, excellent Domain daughter whose American Mascol dam is a full sister of Massey. Having nice production figures (RZM 123, +0.29 % fat, +0.06 % protein), the high RZG 144 of Mercury is based primarily on the secondary traits (RZFit 141) and strong conformation (RZE 131). Having udder 133, he belongs to the best 3 udder sires in the top list and to the Top-10 for feet and legs (130). For body, the Mercury daughters are average and rather late maturing. Through the combination with an uncommon pedigree that can therefore be wide spread, good milkability (RZD 114), calving ease (RZKd 114) and clearly above average fertility, Mercury may be the first choice not only in top-class breeding, but also for commercial dairy farmers. These good figures are already based on 201 daughters, 114 of them are classified.

Murano, new on No.8, is a full brother of Masato (No.5), but cannot keep up with him regarding conformation with RZE 118 (udder 112, feet and legs 109). Murano especially scores with production breeding values (RZM 144) as he transmits the highest fat yield of all bulls with +92 kg (+1,517 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, +0.04 % protein).

The dam Debita VG 89 (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) has another son and full brother in the Top-10, Morgan (No.10). He has less milk with +900 kg than Masato and Murano, but he also reaches very high +88 kg fat due to +0.51 % fat (RZM 135). His linear is similar to Masato’s regarding medium stature and body with good feet and legs and udders (RZE 116, udder 112, feet and legs 120) whereas Murano transmits lots of stature (120).

Moll (No.9), the new Mogul son, is still missing in the Top-10. He will attract great attention especially through the combination of high production (RZM 127) with very good conformation (RZE 131). Having udder 134 (75 classified daughters), he is the second highest udder sire in the top list. Moll also shines for functionality with RZFit 135 and RZRobot 130. With RZKd 114, he is a reliable heifer bull and his fertility is clearly above average.



More new bulls

Facing this high standard set by the 5 Mogul sons in the Top-10, it is tough for the other brothers to assert themselves of course. Mandela, new on No.11 (DS: Super), shows lots of production (RZM 136) with no-nonsense conformation (RZE 112). His figures are only based on 27 early daughters now (16 are classified).

Monokel, new on No.15 (DS: Bronco), has outstanding first figures with RZM 139 and RZE 127. With only 28 daughters, 24 are classified, further development remains to be seen here, too. Very good calving ease with RZKd 117 is very reliable through already 700 included calvings.

The production breeding values (RZM 120, +0.42 % fat, +0.18 % protein) of Morius (new on No.172,

DS: Man-O-Man) are based on 64 daughters. 13 of them are classified (RZE 124, udder 120, feet and legs 110).

Monument (new on No.14) and Muster (new on No.94) will cause more interest probably with 48 and 59 daughters. Monument (dam: Planet x O-Man) combines production (RZM 133) and conformation (RZE 129, udder 123, feet and legs 118) with calving ease (RZKd 115, RZKm 111) on the highest level. Muster (dam: Super x Shottle out of the Juror Faith family) transmits less milk yield, but also slightly positive components (RZM 116) and he is even better for conformation (RZE 126, udder 126, feet and legs 120), longevity (RZN 129), milkability (RZD 112) and calving ease (RZKd 117).

Mohn (dam: Super x Goldwyn) is also an interesting new Mogul son with RZM 123 and RZE 128 (udder 127, feet and legs 124) who should be in the Top-40 with RZG 138, but whose CD test result was missing when data was collected for the top list ranks. Based on 70 daughters, he breeds fast milking daughters (RZD 119).

Epic has 54 sons in service. The 37 daughter proven sons have not come up to expectations. So none of them has a higher RZG than the sire and only one has a higher RZE than him with 132. The highest Epic son is Equal, new on No.43. He descends via a Buckeye daughter from the Italian Qualsia family and is very similar to his sire regarding production (RZM 132, +1,579 kg milk) as well as body and stature accented conformation transmission (RZE 127, udder 115, feet and legs 119).

Eric (No.86, dam: Goldwyn x Toystory) still ranks in the Top-100 with RZM 130 and RZE 117, but only has 24 early daughters.

The figures of Elody, new outside the Top-100 (No.105, 133 daughters) are based on more detailed data. He combines nice milk production (RZM 120, +1,126 kg milk) with very good conformation (RZE 128). Feet and legs (126) are absolutely faultless. Udders (120) are long in the fore and highly attached in the rear shining with somewhat wider teat placement in the rear and somewhat tighter in the fore resulting in optimal teat position. As milkability is clearly above average (RZD 116), milking the Elody daughters should be trouble-free. The Xacobeo dam (out of Goldwyn) of Elody has another son with best milking traits (RZRobot 134) in the top list, Pioneer son Proud on No.198 (RZM 110, RZE 124).

Epinal (new on No.119, DS: Planet) is out of the Dutch Marilyns from de Jong and is a maternal half brother of, amongst others, the conformation sire Antares (RZE 134). Having 92 daughters, Epinal has solid RZM 122 and RZE 121 (udder 111, feet and legs 122).

Empire (new on No.155, DS: Legend, Snowman family) already has 126 daughters and reaches RZM 118 and RZE 124 (udder 117, feet and legs 122). With RZRobot 122, his daughters deal well with automatic milking systems and he can be used on heifers (RZKd 111).

Epitom (new on No.233, DS: Bogart) was already heavily used as genomic bull due to his good conformation figures and confirms this with RZE 127 now (udder 122, feet and legs 114). He is low for milk (+44 kg), but has good components (+0.12 % fat, +0.13 % protein, RZM 110, 553 daughters).

Bookem is very successful as sire of sons and numerous of his daughter proven sons are already used intensively (again), especially Big Point on No.1. The late sons have to have more special qualities to get attention. This is definitely true for Bonapart, new on No.20 as third highest of 40 Bookem sons with RZM 133 (+0.05 % fat, +0.12 % protein) and RZE 125 (udder 126, feet and legs 106). He does not have any weaknesses and should breed very calm daughters (temperament 119). Bonapart is a half brother to the Dutch bull Danno (dam: Bolton x O-Man) – heavily used internationally –, so out of the Remarlinda family.

Bolt RF (new on No.29) also belongs to the higher Bookem sons with RZM 128, RZE 119, RZS 120, RZN 117, RZR 114 and RZKm 111 (oder RZKd 109). He is special as he is a red carrier that he got from his Spencer dam.

Among the so far 17 daughter proven Numero Uno sons, there is not really a top-class sire yet. Neymar (dam: Goldwyn x Planet) enters new on No. 65 and is the only Numero Uno son in the Top-150 as well as the only one with RZM 120 and RZE 120 (udder 123, feet and legs 107). However, he only has 26 daughters in milk and 12 of them are classified. The further development of this calving ease bull (RZKd 112) remains to be seen.

The first daughter proven Suran son Sund has to be mentioned as well. Based on 37 early daughters, he enters new on No.18 with RZM 133 and RZE 122 (udder 113, feet and legs 124). Having +1,207 kg milk, he transmits neutral fat percentages (-0.03 %) and +0.06 % protein. With solid functional figures, milkability should be kept in mind (RZD 86). Sund descends via Gerard and Goldwyn from a Canadian cow family.

Alchemy (Destry x Shottle) was mainly used among Red Holsteins as sire of sons, but attracts attention first of all with a high Black & White daughter proven son: Afrikus RF (dam: Manifold x Goldwyn). With RZG 140, he enters new on No.23 of the top list and especially because of his RZM 132 (+1,044 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, +0.7 % protein, 67 daughters). For conformation (RZE 114), especially udders (121) excel with, amongst others, teats not too short (112). The breeding value for feet and legs is not yet convincing with only 93. Based on only 28 classified daughters, this may be due to the sire here. Unfortunately, Afrikus RF is CD positive.



Among the younger bulls having daughters in first lactation, there can be even clearer changes. Although the number of daughters included in the production breeding value is not necessarily a useful parameter for the extent of possible changes in times of intense use of genomic bulls. Former genomic stars partly have over 500 daughters in milk, but all of them are in the middle of first lactation. A final estimation of the actual persistency in the lactation, not to mention a reliable prediction of the development potential towards second lactation can even be carried out by the best estimation system in a limited way.

The early Epic son Etosha who even loses 9 RZM points to 119 and, therefore, 7 RZG points to 128 belongs to the losers this time. For conformation, he barely changes for RZE with 119 (udder 116, feet and legs 111) and remains first choice for calving ease (RZKd 117). The first unreliable figures for production of Cipe (No.51) as by far the highest Epic son in April were too good to be true. Having 116 daughters now, he drops to RZM 126 (-10, +1,482 kg milk, -0.18 % fat, -0.11 % protein). He is constantly good for conformation with RZE 125 (udder 125, feet and legs 111). G-Force son Georg (No.153) duplicates his daughters to 144, but they are all still in first lactation. The demand for him may be at its end due to -7 RZE points to only 106 (udder 104, feet and legs 103) even though production transmission is quite stable with RZM 121 (+0.35 % fat, +0.18 % protein). Bean (No.136, s. Bookem) loses 3 RZM points to 125 due to the first daughters in second lactation and 2 RZE points to 113 (udder 111, feet and legs 111). Omero (No.127, s. Observer) does not only have doubled daughters (700), but also information from second lactation for the first time. Considering him as milk yield sire (+1,787 kg milk, -0.58 % fat, -0.20 % protein, RZM 121, -3) with good udders (126) and solid conformation (RZE 121, feet and legs 101) is still valid. He is the first choice to improve milkability with RZD 122 and temperament 119 and because of good udder health (RZS 117).

If there are losers, there will be winners as well. Having +5 RZG points, Snowboard goes up clearly and is now on No.3 (please see above). Another Snowman son, Snowfall (No.16), gains this time: RZM 142 (+3), RZE 115 (+1), udder 110, feet and legs 112, RZS 108 (+2), RZN 111 (+2). Gin (No.25, s. G-Force) was one of the highest newcomers in April. Having 104 daughters now, he clearly improves RZS (104, +7) and RZM (140, +5, 1,012 kg milk, +0.07 % fat, +0.23 % protein). Furthermore, the linear is better than one would expect with RZE 114 (udder 104, feet and legs 113). Another G-Force son, Go Now RF (No.36), is truly one of the winners with +4 RZG points. Despite +4 for udder to 102 and +3 RZE points to 106, he cannot really convince for conformation now (feet and legs 98). Sherwood (No.26, s. Shamrock) doubles his daughters to 110 (RZM 135, +3, RZE 115, +2, udder 107, feet and legs 106) and clearly improves milkability (RZD 116). The daughters of the Bookem son Babylon (No.39, 385 daughters) and of the Freddie son Frederic (No.41, 568 daughters) improve more than expected in second lactation. Babylon goes up for RZM to 129 (+4, +704 kg milk, +0.14 % fat, +0.15 % protein) and Frederic to RZM 131 (+5, +1,673 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, -0.13 % protein). Both have wins for udder health to RZS 111 (+4) and RZS 123 (+2), too. Both are constant for conformation, Babylon with RZE 119 (udder 115, feet and legs 107) and Frederic with RZE 113 (udder 118, feet and legs 100). Moreover, Babylon is still a very good calving ease bull with RZKd 114 and also has good daughter calving traits (RZKm 110).

Many younger bulls are quite stable with clearly more daughters. The late Snowman son Kipper (No.19, 78 daughters) gets even better for milk yield with +3,064 kg (-0.30 % fat, -0.24 % protein) and RZM 152. Bulls following him “only” have +2,368 kg milk or RZM 146. Pioneer son Pitt (No.32) remains one of the best sires of the breed with feet and legs 134 having 125 classified daughters now (192 in total, RZE 118, udder 110) and goes up a little for production (RZM 130). G.Farell (No.50, s. G-Force) has over 100 daughters now and confirms his first figures completely. With RZFit 137 and RZRobot 129 (RZS 125, RZN 124, RZR 116), he is the spelling of functionality – and this is neither a disadvantage for production (RZM 117, +0.14 % fat, +0.14 % protein) nor conformation (RZE 128, udder 128, feet and legs 115). Gordan (No.59) remains the highest Gold Chip son with doubling his daughters (RZM 124, RZE 120, udder 121, feet and legs 110).



Snowflake (No.34) having over 4,000 daughters with RZM 137 (+1,497 kg milk, -0.07 % fat, +0.03 % protein) and RZE 121 (udder 119, feet and legs 105) is really reliable among the proven all-round bulls with the combination of high RZM and RZE. Stature (141) should be kept in mind when mating. Biathlon (No.52) can not only be used widely due to RZM 120 (+647 kg milk, +0.33 % fat, -0.01 % protein, 348 daughters) and RZE 125 (udder 122, feet and legs 117), but also due to his pedigree (Beacon x Jeeves) and functionality (RZFit 128, RZRobot 121). The two Bookem sons Boogie (No.67) and Boost (No.85) do not only have the same RZE 123, but also a very similar linear (udder 115 and 118, feet and legs 119 and 110) with lots of stature and dairy type. The differences are in the production breeding values. Boogie rather transmits with focus on components (+787 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.10 % protein, RZM 128) and Boost transmits higher milk yield (+1,808 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, +0.16 % protein, RZM 131). All-rounders a little more focused on production are Benjamin (No.31, s. Beacon) and Subito (No.75, s. Super). Perfect production figures (+1,276 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.09 % protein, RZM 138) of Benjamin are based on 1,666 daughters to date (RZE 118, udder 109, feet and legs 122). Subito is one of the last bulls that only had a test period. Therefore, his number of daughters stops at 176, but they have already reached third lactation (+1,445 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.12 % protein, RZM 125). Conformation is solid and does not show any extremes (RZE 116, udder 115, feet and legs 107). Having RZRobot 113, Subito can also be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems (RZFit 124). Subito and Benjamin have clearly above average fertility.

At the end we can say that genomic selection leads to clearly faster update of the list of high daughter proven bulls in the meantime. The number of high and reliable daughter proven bulls has never been as good as today and this is due to stricter genomic selection and strong use of genomic sires.



Red Holstein

Among the Red Holsteins, the highest nine bulls are the same and also No.10 would be the same with Moses-Red if he had not been pushed by the only newcomer. This also implies great consistency, especially for the four newcomers from last time as well.

Julandy remains on top with RZM 143 and RZE 131. No other bull at all offers the combination >125 RZM and RZE. Julandy is in extraordinary bull regarding pedigree as well. Sire and Goldwyn son Andy got the chance to show what he is able to do with only two sons in service. Only 4 sons of the dam’s sire Moonlight (Lightning x Merton) were tested and only one Moonlight daughter became the dam of a daughter proven bull: Julia, the dam of Julandy. In view of this uncommon pedigree, there were initial doubts when Julandy had his debut in December 2015 with 74 daughters. These doubts are gone now with over 2,000 daughters and now there are high reliability and appreciation.


It got exciting for the 4 high newcomers from April: Lostau P, Eragon, Kuyt Red and Coloredo-P. Having only 23 daughters, Lostau P (Laron P x Spencer 2) was the highest, but also most unreliable among them in April. He now has 122 daughters and is unchanged for RZM 141 and RZE 115 being on rank No.2. Milkability should be kept in mind when mating (RZD 91, -6).

Eragon (Elburn x Spencer 2) has tripled his daughters to 77 compared to 26 in April. His RZE goes up due to higher body (109, +5) by two points to 125 with unchanged udder 114 and feet and legs 127. He drops from No.9 to No.4 as he loses 157 kg milk to +546 kg now. Having still high protein (+0.27 %, -0.09 % fat) this costs 5 RZM points to 127.


Kuyt Red had 36 early daughters when he debuted, now it is 62 and he is very stable. Having +1,954 kg milk, he still belongs to the five best of the breed (RZM 139, -0.33 % fat, -0.07 % protein). Not only his RZE is stable with 123, but also the (extreme) composition: udder 129, feet and legs 90, dairy type 142. The body breeding value of 112 is a little misleading because Kuyt Red transmits extreme stature with 138 (depth 120) that is negatively correlated above 112 since April. The clear tendency of sloped rumps (75) is also included in the body breeding value. Kuyt Red should be used very specifically, but he can breed show winners. Despite the pedigree Destry x Mr.Burns, Kuyt Red is free of CD.

Coloredo-P (No.5, Colt-P x Super) was the high newcomer in April having the most daughters (123). He already has 436 daughters now and this is just the beginning because he was very frequently used as a genomic bull. With +2,517 kg milk, he strengthened his position as highest milk yield sire of the breed (RZM 136, -0.56 % fat, -0.28 % protein). Coloredo-P’s strength is not necessarily conformation (RZE 106, udder 106, feet and legs 97). Coloredo-P should have been in company of his slightly younger, but horned full brother Canon on No.12. He has official daughter proven breeding values (RZM 121, RZE 115, udder 126, feet and legs 89, RZG 130), but there is no CD test result and he only has 25 daughters (11 of them are classified).

Elwood (No.3, s. Elayo), born in 2007, is the only Top-10 bull from the time before genomics, but he has 2,220 second crop daughters and constant figures now (RZM 134, RZE 111, udder 104, feet and legs 122). Unfortunately, he is CD carrier.

Red Mist (No.4) develops himself backwards with 701 daughters now (+267) like his slightly younger full brother Eragon. He wins for high production (RZM 140, +3), but loses for conformation (RZE 110, -3, udder 98, feet and legs 119). So now he is even more extreme than his full brother.

Fidelity son Morris (No.6) remains the highest bull for RZM despite slight loss to 144 (+1,245 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, +0.24 % protein). Having unchanged RZE 107, his use may be still limited, especially due to clearly below average udder transmission (93, feet and legs 120).

The highest newcomer is on No.10. Cay Red P is a Colt-P son (DS: Jotan) out of a Belgian cow family that has not appeared until now. He only has 27 daughters (20 are classified), so you have to be careful with his figures as he is out of a mating of two extremely different sires. So it remains to be seen whether the genes of the sire or the production bull Colt-P, or the genes of the conformation bull Jotan as dam’s sire will win. The current figures RZM 133 (+1,725 kg milk, -0.44 % fat, -0.06 % protein) and RZE 117 (udder 115, feet and legs 107) are a sign of a mix.

Further newcomers like Tourmette, Alaran, Albano, Zwaartinus and Ready P do not have many early daughters and still can change clearly. Tourmette (No.25, 36 daughters in milk, 13 in the conformation breeding value) is an early Dertour son out of Fidelity who is an all-rounder (RZM 122, RZE 124, udder 126, feet and legs 116) with nice fat to protein ratio (-0.24 % fat, +0.17 % protein). Albaran (No.40, Almondo RF x Short Cut) only has 15 daughters being in milk for 100 days. 11 of them are classified (RZM 115, RZE 114). Albano (No.44, Alchemy x Baxter 2) already has 34 daughters (22 classified), but only RZM 108 and RZE 111 (udder 116, feet and legs 100). The first daughter breeding values of Ready P (No.48, Rematch P x Ruleto) are based on 30 daughters (14 classified) and show a profile focused on milk production (+1,360 kg milk, -0.18 % fat, -0.22 % protein, RZM 119) with solid conformation (RZE 116, udder 111, feet and legs 111).

There are the three newcomers Evolution2 (No.12), One-Red (No.24) and Mokabi (No.30) that cannot be considered absolute Red Holstein sires. Their maternal grand dam is the Canadian Goldwyn daughter Fools Gold and she is variant red carrier. This results in red fur coloring which is dominant over Black & White in contrast to the common red. So carrier of the VRC gene are red themselves, but they breed only 50 % of red colored progeny when mated on Red & White – but 50 % red colored progeny when mated on pure Black & White. Evolution2 (No.12, Epic x Man-O-Man) has a nice combination of production (RZM 130, 73 daughters) and conformation (RZE 123, udder 116, feet and legs 114). Udder health (RZS 95) and daughter fertility (RZR 92) are too low. His maternal Mogul half brother Mokabi (No.30) has a little less production (RZM 116, +835 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, -0.09 % protein, 139 daughters), but clearly better conformation (RZE 128, udder 121, feet and legs 123). He is also average for the functional traits (RZFit 122).


Further development

Moses-Red (No.11, Destry x Mr. Burns) confirms his figures based on 463 daughters in the USA and Germany now after his fantastic debut in April with only a few German daughters. With RZE 137, he is by far the highest bull for overall conformation (udder 135, feet and legs 117). Conformation lovers will admire the stature of his daughters with breeding value of 142. They are too tall for commercial farms. Moses-Red offers more than conformation with almost +1,000 kg milk and +0.05 % protein (RZM 124). He cannot be used on heifers with RZKd 92.

Having RZE 113 (udder 104, feet and legs 112) and RZM 126, Fageno on No.13 is not that extreme. He is also outstanding for his daughters‘ temperament that should be trouble-free during milking with MVH 129 and RZD 108. Moreover, he is a reliable fat sire with +0.47 % and 3,230 daughters (RZM 126, +846 kg milk, -0.01 % protein).

Milkability (RZD 84) of the popular polled and calving ease sire Label P (No.14) should be kept in mind when mating and that he is CD carrier (RZM 122, RZE 109, udder 110, feet and legs 109).

Laptop PP (No.16) reliably breeds polled calves and he has also very high reliability (1,617 daughters) for RZE 129 (udder 128, feet and legs 119) and RZM 119 (+352 kg milk, +0.37 % fat, +0.12 % protein).

Geert (No.17) transmits over +1 % overall components (+0.77 % fat, +0.29 % protein) with slightly positive milk yield (RZM 131, 365 daughters). Having RZE 116 (udder 105, feet and legs 116), he can also be recommended for robot milking farms (RZRobot 110, RZD 110).

For cows which are difficult to become pregnant, the last chance may often be Lasse P (#34) with his outstanding fertility rate (+5 %). With RZM 122 and RZE 106 (udder 107, feet & legs 111), he offers more, e.g. correcting teats that are too short (teat length 120).

Laron P (No.19, RZM 111, RZE 126, 4,436 daughters) and Tableau (No.29, RZM 116, RZE 116, 23,573 daughters) are still doing good directly compared to most of the younger bulls. And every Red Holstein farmer meanwhile knows from his/her own experience what he/she will get when using them.