Progeny groups at the German Holstein Show 2017

The German Holstein Show will take place soon in Oldenburg on June 14th and 15th 2017.

Besides the show competition, progeny groups of different interesting Holstein and Red Holstein bulls will be presented. Meanwhile, it has also been decided which GGI bulls will be represented by daughters.

Besides the red top sire for conformation out of the exceptional show cow Maxima, Mad Max (Destry x Talent 2), the current Holstein and Red Holstein list leaders Big Point (Bookem x Man-O-Man) and Julandy (Andy x Moonlight) will be represented by daughter groups. Both enthused the audience with their daughter groups several times at member shows and at the EuroTier 2016. A progeny group of Godewind RDC (Gold Chip x Sanchez) is shown at the German Holstein Show for the first time. However, one of his daughters already won in the heifer competition at this year’s show “Excellent-Schau” in Leer. Black & White Scipio (Sudan x Man-O-Man) excels with his pedigree out of a deep, highly efficient and long-lasting cow family as well as complete breeding values. His daughters convinced at the Hesse member show, too. Moreover, there will be a daughter presentation of Starjuwel (Sudan x Goldwyn) whose progeny were already shown in Neumünster. He confirmed his genomic breeding values well despite several base shifts.

It will be a promising, interesting progeny presentation at a high level of these bulls. So this is one more reason to go to Oldenburg and see the qualities of the GGI sires!