Genomic newcomers in April 2017

Battlecry sons among the Holsteins and Apoll P sons among the Red Holsteins dominate the lists of new genomic sires.


Toplist Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

News proof run 04-2017

Annual base shift for all traits

The new basis for all breeding values is now built by using production records from all cows born in 2011 – 2013 (2010 – 2012 previously). The following table shows the breeding value deductions caused by the base shift:


















Red Hol.





















Red Hol.








D. type











Red Hol.









Compared to December, 53 new genomic sires are listed in the official Top-250, 9 of them are in the Top-10. Battlecry has by far the most new sons with 15, well-spaced out followed by Icone, Penley and Silver having 5 sons each. However, the American Balisto son out of Numero Uno is (still) denied the highest place for one of his sons. Top spot is occupied by Pinterault, a son of Penley (Platinum x Shamrock). On the dam’s side, Pinterault descends from a young American GP 80 Balisto daughter out of Numero Uno. Pinterault’s high RZG 164 is due to the combination of RZM 148 (1,584 kg milk, +0.14 % protein) with RZN 134. Within the overall conformation of RZE 121, udder (124) is the strongest point. Low milkability has to be kept in mind when mating (RZD 82).

The highest Battlecry son at No.2 is Barabo. His dam is the Balisto daughter Dalista out of the successful D family of Niermann, Schiplage. So Barabo is therefore a close line breeding.

Cicero, a Cinema brother to Barabo out of Dalista, was already the No.1 in December. Cicero who is at No.10 now is the only bull in the Top-10 that is not new and he is the highest production sire (RZM 162, RZE 109).

There are three more new Battlecry sons in the Top-10: Barkeeper (No.5), Backstage (No.7) and Batch P (No.9). Barkeeper’s RZM 147 is especially due to components (+0.43 % fat, +0.26 % protein). His dam is a VG 85 Galaxy x Beacon with very high protein and also a full sister of Billard (s. Billion). Backstage is out of Boss x Maxim and Shottle Elisa EX 90 who has already proved her transmission power by numerous high daughter proven bulls. Batch P is the polled one among the high Battlecry sons (DS: Rocky). His grand dam Lol VG 87 (Lawn Boy x Stadel) is the source of polledness. As with most Battlecry sons, Batch P also transmits clearly positive for components (+0.28 % fat, +0.20 % protein), and in addition, with a milk yield of over 1,000 kg (RZM 142). His special strengths are longevity (RZN 136) and his transmission for feet and legs (131). Udders (113) excel with ideal teat placement being rather tight in the fore (109) and somewhat wider in the rear (92) with somewhat longer teats. So Batch P is a good choice for farms working with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 127).

Also three other new bulls in the top 10 have Balisto not as sire’s sire, but as dam’s sire in their pedigree: Supercup (No.4), Semino (No.6) and Cashpoint (No.8). The dam of Supercup, De-Su 3493, is a full sister of Battlecry. Supercup is the first Shep (Shotglass x Bookem) son and transmits lots of milk with neutral components (RZM 150). At first sight, the linear seems to be better especially for udder than the overall udder score of 118 may reflect (feet and legs 113, RZE 120). Because of short teats (84) and tight fore teat placement, Supercup is one of the bulls more affected by the new conformation weighting (amongst others optimum teat length and fore teat placement 112 now). Semino is one of the last sons of Silver who already has the first daughters in milk, but he is the highest with gRZG 161 (+1,364 kg milk, +0.32 % fat, +0.19 % protein). His dam also descends from De-Su and out of the combination Balisto x Numero Uno. Having RZE 134, Semino is the highest bull in the Top-10 for overall conformation and especially scores with udders (134, feet and legs 120). He can also be used on robot milking farms with RZRobot 131, especially due to good milkability (RZD 117).


Cashpoint is the first son of his sire Cashflow (Cashcoin x Robust) and descends, on the dam’s side, from the full sister of Basical at No.21 (Balisto x Epic). The cow family has already proved itself before genomics because the pedigree is going via Man-O-Man and Duplex to a Jocko Besne daughter being a full sister of Jannsen, Jackpot and Janosch. Having +0.45 % fat and +0.22 % protein, Cashpoint is an absolute components sire (+991 kg milk, RZM 145) combined with the best, faultless conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 121, udder 128) and high longevity (RZN 135). Moreover, he improves milkability (RZD 111) and can be used on heifers (RZKd 110).

There is still one bull in the Top-10 whose sire’s sire or dam’s sire is not Balisto, Cidre, new at No.3. He is the highest of 8 Cinema sons now. His Dutch cow family was already successful in Germany. His dam Dellia 8 (G-Force x Goldwyn) is out of a Shottle daughter that is, amongst others, a full sister of frequently used sire Sesterz. Cidre is a real all-round sire (RZM 147, RZE 125, RZS 119, RZN 135, RZR 109) with strengths for feet and legs (128, udder 120).


New bulls outside the Top-10

All of the many new Battlecry sons outside the Top-10 show high figures and almost no weaknesses so that making a choice is tough. Bossano ranks high (No.19) and is an all-rounder (RZM 143, RZE 129, feet and legs 125, udder 119). His dam (Galaxy x Beacon) is a half-sister of Famous. Born P RDC is – like Batch P (please see above) – another polled Battlecry son, but out of the Massia family (dam: Perfect Aiko x Colt-P), and is a red carrier. Having RZM 139 (+0.47 % fat, +0.18 % protein), RZE 128 (feet and legs 124, udder 120), RZS 127, RZN 130 and RZFit 141, he belongs to the better Battlecry sons.

Born P RDC

If you are looking for a polled Battlecry son having somewhat more conformation, you should pick Bali P (No.159, dam: Jacey x Colt-P): RZE 133 (feet and legs 116, udder 135). With outstanding figures for the functional traits (RZFit 149), he doesn’t keep up with many half-brothers regarding production transmission (RZM 122). Batton (No.79, dam: Boss x Beacon) belongs to the better conformation sires with RZE 132 (feet and legs 127, udder 124). What makes him special is components with +0.73 % fat and +0.36 % protein. With this, he is the highest of all bulls in the top list. Milk yield with such components is limited of course (+105 kg milk, RZM 133). Having RZKd 111, he is also the best Battlecry son for calving ease. The highest Battlecry sons for conformation are Balou (No.48, RZE 134, feet and legs 120, udder 132, RZM 135, dam: Embassy x Cameron), Bassotti (No.166, RZE 138, feet and legs 128, udder 133, RZM 128, dam: Bookem x Dotson) and Baku (No.41, RZE 140, feet and legs 126, udder 141, dam: Boss x Robust). With this, Baku belongs to the 5 best sires for udder and overall conformation in the Top-250. He is also the best Battlecry son for udder health (RZS 135) and daughter fertility (RZR 127) as well as the second best for longevity (RZN 142) and so he is by far the highest bull for fitness with RZFit 158! Bako also offers nice production (RZM 121, +129 kg milk), especially fat and protein kg (+0.29 % fat, +0.23 % protein).

In addition to the new No.1 Penley (Platinum x Shamrock), has other interesting new sons. Plenty (No.26) as calving ease bull (RZKd 117) with good daughter calving traits (RZKm 109) on the highest breeding value level (RZM 137, RZE 124, feet and legs 19, udder 127, RZN 134) may find many friends, too. Having the sire line-up Distinction x Mogul x Bolton, he also offers something different on the pedigree’s maternal side. These characteristics basically are also true for Paradiso (No.66, RZM 130, RZE 129). He can be recommended for heifers as well with RZKd 114 and is strong for the functional traits with RZN 137 and RZFit 143. This Penley son out of a Supersire x Time from the Neblina family is a real specialist for udder with 135.


The first sons

Among the new bulls in the top list, there are some sires of sons having sons for the first time. Malinus, new at No.11, is by far the highest among the first 4 Modeco (Model x Beacon) sons. He is out of the full sister of Baltikum (No.49, Balisto x Snowman) and the half-sister of the former list leader Cinema respectively (No.72 now). Malinus combines extreme milk production (+2,142 kg milk, RZM 150) and neutral protein with RZE 137 (feet and legs 132, udder 128). He is faultless for the remaining traits and reaches RZFit 134 and RZRobot 125.

Baltikum mentioned above has his first son at No.58, Baltrum. The Danish dam (Sargeant x Bookem x Gibor) is out of the Neblina family. Baltrum is an all-rounder with RZM 143 and neutral components as well as RZE 131 (feet and legs 120, udder 128). Ducati (No.112, RZM 141, RZE 129, feet and legs 125, udder 123) is the first Dolph (Liquid Gold x Snowman) son and is also out of a Danish Sargeant daughter, but a different cow family than Baltrum (maternal dam’s sire: Epic). Livermore is another Liquid Gold son who has the first son in the top list, Lottery (No.125, RZM 132, RZE 127, feet and legs 124, udder 122). Despite somewhat sloped rumps, Lottery should transmit clearly positive for daughter fertility (RZR 114) and fitness (RZFit 141). On the dam’s side, he descends via Shotglass from the Bookem sister of Maxim. With regard to the first two Yoder (Mogul x Planet) sons, Yahoo, new at No.131, is the better one with RZM 138 and RZE 131 (feet and legs 127, udder 130). Calving ease (RZKd 111) and good milkability (RZD 111) are also advantages of this bull out of an American cow family (dam: Headliner x Bowser). The first Citizen (Chevrolet x Bookem) son, Cashmere, “only” ranks at No.237 with gRZG 146, but he is definitely interesting having RZE 136 (feet and legs 121, udder 130) as well as RZM 129. His dam is a full sister of Balu (No.17, Balisto x Epic, RZM 147, RZE 125) who was heavily used.


The highest of 14 Icone (Mogul x Man-O-Man) sons to date is Ibsen, new at No.16. He is out of a Canadian cow family and, amongst others, a full brother of Mr. Puma. The dam (Balisto x Lexor) has a high Supershot son in the top list, SantaClaus (No.42, RZM 141, RZE 120). The breeding value profile of Ibsen shows lots of milk yield (+1,812 kg) with slightly positive components (RZM 148) and a linear more than solid (RZE 132, feet and legs 119, udder 128). Milkability (RZD 110) combined with good udder health (RZS 113) has to be mentioned as well. The new Regard (Chevrolet x Belfast) son Review (No.36) has similar strengths. Having RZD 116, the good milkability is even higher (RZS 119). The high RZM of 141 is based on clearly positive components with +1,366 kg milk (+0.19 % fat, +0.07 % protein). Balisto as dam’s sire also features for Review (RZE 125, feet and legs 124, udder 123), but this time via a German dam out of Sudan x Legend.

Manoso, new at No.61, has higher milk yield with +2,239 kg milk (-0.17 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 144) – all this completely without Balisto as the sire is Mr. Max (Mogul x Super) and the sire line-up on the dam’s side is Fanatic x Borsati x Jurus. Manoso offers all-round transmission (RZE 120, feet and legs 122, RZE 116) without any weaknesses and can be used on heifers. The last characteristic should also be true for Camper, new at No.103. The son of the full brother of Cinema, Chevalier, belongs to the Top-7 for direct calving ease (RZKd 117) among all top list bulls. By the combination with RZKm 111, he is the ideal heifer bull as he effectively improves calving traits via his daughters. Having RZM 131 and RZE 130 (feet and legs 130, udder 124), you do not have to make concessions in any other aspect (RZFit 146). If you are looking for a bull significantly improving milkability, you should give Icone son Igedo (new on No.126) a try. With RZD 128, there is no bull in the entire top list that has a higher breeding value for milkability (RZS 115). If you know the combination of dams Bynke x Planet, you will not be surprised. The dam Myself VG 87 has 3 sons in the Top-50 with the two Supershot sons Stronghold (No.30) and Spiro (No.32) as well as Missouri son Messenger (No.46). Igedo doesn’t reach them with RZM 130 regarding production transmission, but he is definitely better than his maternal half-brothers for conformation with RZE 127 (feet and legs 120, udder 130). Furthermore, he offers RZFit 142 and calving ease RZKd 111.



Red Holstein

There are 10 new bulls in the Red Holstein Top-50, 5 of them are Apoll P sons. 7 of the 10 new bulls are polled. Pace Red is still on top with RZG 162 and an enormous lead of 8 points (RZM 151, RZE 126, feet and legs 114, udder 125). He is the only one among the Top-10 who can be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 122).

Pace Red

Silky, one of the two early Sveen P (Long P x Epic) sons, is the highest newcomer at No.2. His dam is a Kanu P who has another son in the top list at No.40, Baker Red P. He is one of the best conformation sires with RZE 135 and even the best for feet and legs (131) in the entire top list. At the same time, he transmits enormous milk yield (RZM 137) with +2,140 kg combined with a very good udder breeding value (129)! The Destry grand dam of Silky is also the dam of the Brekem son Brekan (No.17, RZM 135, RZE 131) who was also heavily used.


Argus P is the highest of the 5 new Apoll P sons and the highest polled bull at No.3. He was raised in the Netherlands out of Fageno x Fidelity. Argus P transmits very high milk yield with +2,017 kg and is the only bull over +2,000 kg with positive fat at the same time (+0.01 %, -0.06 % protein, RZM 147). Despite this milk production, udders are highly and firmly attached (udder 128, feet and legs 109, RZE 124). Argus P can be used on heifers with RZKd 111.

There are two more of the 10 Apoll P sons in the Top-10, Abi Red PP and Aspen P. Abi Red PP (No.6, DS: Balisto) is new and the highest homozygous polled bull (RZM 152, RZE 122, feet and legs 111, udder 119). The origin of the second polled gene is the great grand dam, a Polled Plus daughter. The Epic grand dam is a half-sister of Laptop PP (Laron P x Mr. Sam). Aspen P (No.8, DS: Brekem) is not new, but remains the highest Apoll P son with RZE 126 and feet and legs 121 here (udder 123). Moreover, he is the highest components sire in the Top-10 with +0.27 % fat and +0.08 % protein (RZM 141).

Fourth newcomer in the Top-10 is Baymax Red at No.4, the first Bagno RDC (Balisto x Epic) son. His Brekem dam is a maternal half-sister of Kanu P. Baymax Red is a conformation sire (RZE 137, feet and legs 127, udder 129) with lots of milk (+1,829 kg) and weaker fat percentages (RZM 137). Milkability should be kept in mind (RZD 93).

He is followed by the Debutant son Dreamboy who now ranks at No.5 instead of No.2 due to the newcomers. He is an all-rounder on a high level (RZM 141, RZE 127, feet and legs 114, udder 127) without substantial weaknesses. He can be widely used thanks to his sire line-up Sympatico x Talent x Regiment on the pedigree’s dam’s side.

Efraim at No.7 (Effort x Elburn x Spencer) is rather an extreme bull. Enormous milk yield (+2,211 kg) affects fat percentages (-0.50 %) with extreme fat and protein ratio (-0.03 % protein, RZM 146). Daughter fertility (RZR 93), milkability (RZD 94) and temperament (MVH 87) are not his strengths, but he is strong for feet and legs with 129 (RZE 121).

The bull having the highest milk yield is Sunset Red at No.9 (+2,366 kg, -0.17 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 149). Daughters should be very tall and dairy (feet and legs 108, udder 118, RZE 119).

Nutcracker (Nugget RDC x Aikman x Danillo) at No.10 is one of the bulls strongly affected by the change of udder index calculation. The suspensory ligament is very strong. Teat placement in the rear (143) and in the fore (131) is very tight. The last characteristic is considered an optimum trait and is negatively weighted above 112 in the udder index. Nutcracker now reaches 109 for overall udder with unchanged feet and legs 114 (RZE 116). High milk production (+1,360 kg) is still combined with positive components (RZM 139) and good daughter fertility (RZR 115).


More new bulls

Two more Apoll P sons outside the Top-10 have their debut. Aiki P Red at No.14 is out of well-known family. His Freddie grand dam Aiko EX 91 is a full sister of Perfect Aiko and a half-sister of, amongst others, Applejax and Amor Red. Except for Aiki P Red, Aiko EX 91 has two more Effort sons in the top list, Effektiv (No.23) and Edox (No.43). Aiki P Red combines almost 2,000 kg milk (RZM 143) with a nice linear (feet and legs 119, udder 117, RZE 124). Armada PP at No.18 is interesting among the Apoll P half-brothers, especially because of the fact that he is homozygous polled (all progeny are born polled). Furthermore, he is an interesting sire with +2,086 kg milk (RZM 144) and RZE 122 (feet and legs 105, udder 121; dam: Chipper x Man-O-Man).

Another new homozygous polled bull is Starpoll PP at No.44. As the highest newcomer at No.2, he is an early Sveen P son and also out of the combination with a young Kanu P dam, but a different cow family (dam’s dam: Morris x Shottle). Starpoll PP is by far the highest Red Holstein bull for longevity (RZN 137) with solid milk production (RZM 124). He should breed daughters with good udders (123) and solid feet and legs (115, RZE 119). He is rather low for stature and capacity (body 90). However, he is strong for milkability (RZD 117) and temperament (MVH 117).

Enterprise, new at No.22, is the first Entitle (Sympatico x Man-O-Man) son. Having RZE 136, he is one of the highest bulls for overall conformation and, especially high at No.2 for udder (135) in the top list (feet and legs 123). The Enterprise daughters should have sufficient milk production (+1,027 kg, RZM 133) with positive components (+0.41 % fat, +0.04 % protein). As second highest bull in the list for calving ease (RZKd 113), Enterprise may be in high demand. He descends via Aikman from a full sister of the positively proven US sire Lowery-Red (Dakker x Destry).

If you are looking for the combination of polledness with highly positive protein (+0.19 %, RZM 146) and very good milkability, you should definitely choose the new Pokemon P (No.34). He can also be recommended for robot milking farms (RZRobot 120, udder 116, feet and legs 119, RZE 121). Pokemon P is the first Powerplay (Parker P x Magna P) son. The dam (Snow RF x Malvoy) is a sister of Dertour (Destry x Malvoy).