Show “Rind aktuell 2017” in Karow

“We love cows” – this was the slogan of this year’s show of our member RinderAllianz. And this was very obvious!

Family Augustin and Anna Hobbie with Miss Karow 2017: BcH Janine

40 farms had registered a total of 92 cows for this show, trained and prepared themselves for the past few weeks to present their cows in detail in Karow and capture the popular title “Miss Karow 2017”.

In the beginning of the show, the RinderAllianz presented two progeny groups of the still young sires Moll and Michigan who will get their first daughter breeding value in April. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”.

Subsequent to the progeny presentations, the youngest attendees, the heifers, started the competition and Booster daughter Fenore from the Deutsch/Kersten GbR became winner here. Judge Marco Radke put BcH Paradise (s. Brawler), owned by Rinderzucht Augustin, aside Fenore.

In the category of young cows, Rinderzucht Augustin could be happy again, being owner of the champion young BcH Janine (s. Yorick). MHG Caro (s. Brawler) from the Mertens GbR became reserve champion young.

Nominate (s. Gerard) from Rinderzucht Augustin in Kemnitz won the category medium and relegated BFH Gallilea (s. Windbrook) from the Braune GbR to the reserve rank.

13 cows competed against each other in the premium class of the old cows for the champion title that was given to the fifth calver BcH Brandy (s. Raptor). She was followed by her barn mate, Zenker daughter BcH Sarah. Both are owned by Rinderzucht Augustin. Two cows should definitely be mentioned here. On the one hand, Stern daughter Stella that not only became second of her class, but also impressed with the highest total production of the show. So far, she has given impressive 93,313 liters milk. In the same class, there was also Douglas daughter SRS Elba that has the highest 3 generations production with 231,782 liters milk.

Every show’s highlight is the final champion election and so everybody was curious until Marco Radke finally elected the jet-black BcH Janine as “Miss Karow 2017”.

We congratulate all attendees and the RinderAllianz on this great show and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!