It is show time

There is a lot going on in December and, surprisedly, there is Christmas. However before Santa Claus is coming, there will be some high-class shows and we do not want to keep them back from you!

Clarin daughter Jantien 12

Before the December proof run, cow enthusiasts from Germany and abroad met at the traditional Nikolaus show in Bismark on December 2nd. Our member, RinderAllianz, presented two progeny groups of the sires Syntax and Biathlon in the beginning of the show which enthused the audience. Acknowledged with applause, the judge Andrea Perk chose the Biathlon sister KHE Iowa from Kersten GbR to be the grand champion and, with it, “Miss Nikolausschau 2016”.

At the same time, Jean-Philippe Duchange in Loire-Atlantique, France, had to make a decision as well at the show Lycée Agricole de Derval. He had to judge 70 cows and 16 heifers. Gabino daughter Javelle and Cow, in first lactation, from the farm Gaec du Moulin and Cow fascinated him and after winning her class and category as well as the title “best udder of her class”, she became Grande Championne of the show. What a success for this young cow! Among the cows in second lactation, Van Gogh daughter Hermine Vg du Douet from the farm Gaec du Douet ranked 1a and was awarded the best udder of her class.

On December 10th, one week later, there was a show in the Netherlands, in the Ijssel halls in Zwolle where the well-known HHH Show took place. Heifers of GGI sires were up in the field here as well. Among the Holstein heifers, Antares daughter Anta of J. Uineken from Dalen ranked No.4 in her class. The red heifer Jantien 12 (s. Clarin) topped this. She won both her class and the title “best udder” and was chosen junior champion Red Holstein of the HHH Show again! Her owner from the breeding farm Reijlink-Boomkamp from Markelo can definitely be proud of her medium-sized heifer! Judge of the show was Nils-Erik Haar from Denmark.

We congratulate all owners and exhibitors on these great achievements and wish lots of success in future and the right breeding touch!