Daughters of GGI bulls among the top sellers at the 3rd German Masters Sale 2016

The 3rd German Masters Sale took place in the auction hall of our member RUW in Bitburg on Friday, October 21st 2016.

This auction organized in co-operation of Eurogenes, Nosbisch Holsteins and Rinder-Union West eG widely offered exclusive German and European genetics. More than 140 lots attracted numerous interested visitors from Germany and abroad.

Before the auction started, visitors were in the hallways to take a closer look at the animals that were well-prepared. When the first animal entered the hall, all seats were occupied. Young cattle, heifers and cows were sold in great atmosphere. Several animals descending from GGI sires were among the top sellers and sold at really good prices.

Chevalier daughter Hul-Stein Stranger was sold to the Netherlands for 19,000 €. She was one of the 5 most expensive animals of the auction. As highest Chevalier daughter by RZG and NVI and with high gTPI out of highly efficient cow family, she excelled in several breeding value systems.

Chevalier daughter Hul-Stein Stranger

Citizen daughter KHE Kanada, his highest daughter by RZG, was a really interesting breeding animal, too. Having good breeding values for production, conformation and components, her new owner paid 10,000 €.

Having the sire Board and being out of the cow family of Opine-P, the young cattle COL Oboard shone with a combination of high RZG, outstanding production and very good, balanced conformation. She was sold to Luxemburg for 8,500 €.

Apoll P also was represented by an upscale young cattle. His daughter, homozygous polled Vekis DG NH Leona Red PP, is one of the highest homozygous polled and red cattle worldwide. Genomic sire Knut P is, amongst others, one of her closest relatives. Her new owner from Germany paid 7,500 €.

Apoll P daughter Vekis DG NH Leona Red PP

Furthermore, small but nice collections of the breeds Jersey, Brown Swiss and Wagyu were among the animals offered. Average prices were 4,270 €, 6,400 and 10,500 €. By the end of the auction, the organizations registered sales to 14 countries. In total, the average price for 136 lots was 5,173 €. The best bid 39,000 €.

We congratulate the organizers and visitors on this successful event and wish all breeders and new owners lots of success with their animals.