30th Laudan daughter in RBB breeding area surpasses 100,000 kg limit

With Regine, the 30th Laudan daughter in the breeding area of our partner RBB recently surpassed the limit of 100,000 kg lifetime production.


Eleven-year-old Regine shows a medium lactation production of 10,222 kg with 4.08 % of fat and 3.17 % of protein on average. In her 6th lactation she achieved her peak performance of more than 14,000 kg milk.

Born in 1998, Laudan was popular both in Germany and internationally and in high demand. Until today, he shows above average breeding values for longevity. His progeny are long-living cows not only in the breeding area of RBB. Over 100 additional daughters with a lifetime production of more than 100,000 kg can be found nationwide.