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Excellent progenies and show cows at the 7th RUW show

On Saturday, 27th October 2001, the Rinder-Union-West eG held their 7th RUW show in the central halls in Hamm. The lecture in the afternoon already attracted a lot of visitors. The show itself offered numerous attractive show cows and excellent progenies as well as a lottery organized by the young breeders of RUW, thus, the central halls were packed to capacity.
119 Holstein and Red Holstein show cows presented themselves to the critical eyes of the judges Anton Fortwengel from Lower Saxony and Christian Pohlmann from Hesse.

The old Holstein Friesian cows with at least three calvings (four classes) started punctually at 6.00 p.m. The judge repeatedly emphasized the impressive uniform quality of this class, up to the last cow. Particularly the fourth class, which was heavily determined by Blackstar blood, impressed by its high level. The champion title of this class was awarded to the Raider daughter and later reserve champion Cremona, which as a third calving cow presented an enormous type and excellent feet and legs.

Outstanding old cow classes

Champion of the old classes was awarded the Merrill daughter Blackbeauty. The decision was absolutely justified because this cow originating from a US embryo import (family of the sire Bestow) convinced by a lot of strength but also harmony, excellent feet and legs and was equipped with the widest rear udder of all cows of the event – a modern show cow with best qualities for loose housing stables, as one can find them more frequently on shows nowadays. Further 1a-cows of the old category, which had to submit to the strong competition, however, with very close decisions sometimes, were the Lincoln daughter Ilona as well as the Dombinator daughter Grafitti (daughter of the twice National Champion Gitta, of Sultan).

Of the Red Holsteins with more than four calvings there was, just like the year before, only one class, which was won by the show-proven Helix daughter Libell and, thus, at the same time Libell was also awarded the Red Holstein champion of the old class. She was superior to the reserve champion Kelly (Sampson RF) regarding body length and especially rumps, however, the udder quality of Kelly was at least equal.

Strong middle classes

The three middle cow classes of the Red Holsteins (two and three calves) were dominated and finally decided by the international bull dam Red Rey, the halfsister of Reyno of the sires Cared, Red Star and Thaisun. In the opinion of many visitors she was the best type cow of the whole show due to her excellent traits regarding frame and body length but also because of her aura. RUW should be lucky to have tested already two sons of her. The reserve champion title was awarded to the test bull daughter of the current sire Jubibelt, who is recommended as conformation sire (RZE 130) and impressively confirms this character with his daughter Franzi. Both cows mentioned already fought out the race in the first class of the middle category between themselves. The two other classes were won by the Flano daughter Glorinet and the Jupiler daughter Pam. From the functional aspect (udder and legs), both cows were perhaps even equal to the champions of this category, however, regarding body they couldn't quite keep up – cows of the future!

Just as with the Red Holsteins, the champion of the middle category Holstein Friesian (cows with two calves) was also a heavily used bull dam: Elenora, of Dombinator. Several sons of her are resident in German A.I. centres. Elenora excelled by a very firmly attached udder, a lot of frame and length and very good feet and legs.

However, in this category the decision was not as clear as with the Red Holsteins, because the snowwhite Raider daughter Kathy presented as much harmony, correctness and perfection as Elenora. The fact that Kathy was in milk for a longer period already and therefore showed less dairyness and less frame may have been the reason for this decision. However, the judge Anton Fortwengel admitted that the decision could have also been made vice versa.
The two other 1a cows of the category, the Jolt daughter Sympathie and the Storm daughter Jolande, were clearly at the head of their classes, but they were not able to keep up with the two relatively complete champions regarding body (Sympathie) or feet and legs (Jolande).

Many bull dams and test bull daughters among the young cows

The reserve champion title of the young Holstein Friesians was captured by the daughter of the test bull Eskan ALL: Lorina. Lorina did not show the pre-maturity of Natalie, however, she was very functional and concerning udder and feet and legs superior to her competitors. She is the coming cow. By the way, this Eskan daughter does not seem to be a chance product of her sire, because the first information on his conformation proofs show a tendency which is clearly above average.

The third 1a-cow of the young Holstein Frisian, the Lack-daughter Netti, knows the arena of Hamm very well as she has been sold here a few months ago by her breeder Stienhans. The firmly attached udder didn't show the enormous 100-day-yield of nearly 4.400 kg milk.

The competition of young Red Holsteins has been decided between two similar cows: the Tulip-daughter Naomi, from the reserve-champion Red Holstein middle-class of the last year – the Rudi-daughter Nancy, and the Laredo-daughter Montana. Both cows have a lot of characters in common: her mothers are proven show-cows, both have dam-potential – there is already being raised a Rainbow-son of Montana – and in Hamm both showed comparable traits in conformation: very pre-mature cows with enormous bodies, but as well harmonic and correctly in character – real show types. Both have perfect feet and legs with a correct movement - here there were first slight advances for Montana and her udder attachment finally brought her ahead by a nose. Her breeder was of course absolutely happy after the great disappointment during the RUW show of last year, when the dam of Montana, the Koerier 104-daughter Morelle EX-92, had been judged under worth in the opinion of the audience.

Montana (V. Laredo, Bes.: GbR Wiewer-Rellmann, Drensteinfurt) Siegerkuh der jungen rotbunten Kuhklassen

As third 1a-cow of this category the all in all correct Rudi-daughter Lisa was without chance compared with the both mentioned 'super-cows'.

The Grand Champion

Finally it can be said that this show is also an evidence for the good work of the breeding programme, taking into account how many cows of high standard also manage the arena (see above). But the programme also effects in the variety, as not less than 12 % of the show cows of both colours are daughters of test bulls, not bred or mated for this purpose but imposed by their qualities.

Super groups of Faber and Dolch

Faston, also a Factor son, can be seen as little brother of Faber, who has a North-American background. Not as strong as Faber in conformation and yield but with similar good udders.

With his five daughters Origin was the next very important bull for the next season in the arena: absolutely different cows as the daughters of the both Factor-sons, very tough, big and strong, middle dairy character and without serious functional faults in skeleton. The daughters presented good udder attachments, which convinced by perfect udder skins and teat placements as well as extraordinary strong feet and legs.

After Faber has been exhibited during the WEU-convent in January 2001 in Oldenburg, the TopQ-partner WEU has also shown two progeny-groups at the RUW-show: Agent and Dolch.

Agent is a further red outcross-bull with Sire Polled Plus (a RF- Aerostar-son) from damsire Blackstar. The six cows presented were, contrary to the linear traits, strong cows with good frames. Udders and legs were without faults, there was only sometimes missing the strength in the topline with sloped rumps (Blackstar-influence).

With his five second-calving daughters Dolch (Dombinator x Aerostar x Blackstar) presented very late matured, framy cows with best legs and perfect udders. The good progeny of Ever RF, a Evreux-Cle-son from the well-known Elena, was a surprise: eight tall, promising cows with middle (desired) dairy character with good legs and excellent udders. The milk-quantity is his limiting factor.

At least the group of Erginos was presented, a hopeful bull, not yet second-cropped as he has not enough reliability. The already calved daughters certainly give good reasons for hope, that he will reach the status of a sire. Also a good group of five cows with surprisingly good udders for an Esquimau son. Erginos is a half-brother to the well-known Luke-son Lukas.
All in all the Rinder-Union West can be satisfied with the show, the numerous visitors and the first positive reactions on this event. It is encouraging to follow the taken course.

May be the main point of an association-show is the progeny presentation. There have been presented seven progeny-groups of current and worthful prepotent sires. The daughters of Faber were the main attraction for the audience already in the stable but also when they came to the arena later. The expectations were high as meanwhile this bull is well-known to all Holstein-breeders. Faber could fully come up to these expectations with his seven daughters (six first-calving, one second-calving cows). Everyone praised this perfect progeny, which had its third convincing presentation this year.Nachzucht von Faber, Zuschauermagnet und Glanzpunkt der RUW-Schau 2001The decision of the Grand Champion turned to a decision between 'Champion of reason' or 'Champion of the hearts'. On top of the list of the both jury-members were Blackbeauty, champion old Frisian Holstein as the 'Champion of reason' and Natalie, champion young Holstein Frisian as 'Champion of the hearts'. The reason won and Blackbeauty was awarded the Champion title. This was a reasonable decision because Grand Champions should be cows pointing the way. The young cows still have a great future and it would be a big risk to serve a young cow as standard. But if the Basar-daughter Natalie will be presented again as second- or third calving cow in this condition she will hardly be beaten by the competition.There was an enormous competition among the young Holstein Friesian cows. Just the first class, containing current bull dams and top testbull daughters (a real demonstration of the strong breeding programme), offered fantastic cows: an excellent class from the first up to the last cow and a surprisingly clear champion for such a high level: the Basar daughter Natalie, which was also awarded champion of the young cows. Natalie hails from the cow family of the Canadian sire Storm via Fatal x Luke x Tab. She is a real RUW product: the contract mating of the Fatal dam Naomi with Basar resulted in a heifer calf, which was sold by Werner Rahden at the Highlight Sale 1999 to Luxemburg. From there she returned to the area of RUW, to the breeding farm Meutes in Rommersheim, the current owner of this bull dam. Natalie, who arrived with a daily production of 53 kg, was above all cows of the category by her enormous body mass, her aura, her perfection in udder (especially the fore udder length) and the excellent legs for loose housing stables. If the European championship 2002 in Brussels took place, she would certainly be a candidate. RUW is already raising a son of this cow. In this class one could almost feel sorry for the 1b cow, the Lasso daughter and the 1c cow, the bull dam Granada (Lukas x Geranium). Each of them would have deserved a 1a rank and even the last cow of this class was a cow worth mentioning.