11:26Age: 17 yrs

JUOTE (Juror x Cleitus x Dale)

August, 2001 the herdbook society 'Rinderzucht Schleswig-Holstein (RSA)' organised a progeny inspection of the bull Juote. Following is the comment of Werner Remmers. There were inspected 9 heifers with a production rate of 100 to 305 lactation days. The progeny appeared homogenous and on a good quality level, the transmission has been confirmed mainly.The Juote daughters are sufficiently strong and please with their attractive side views. The heifers convince with an average size and a dairy character with deep, sloping rips, widely spaced from the heart zone to the rear rip. The rumps are all in all good.They have dry bones, slightly sickled hocks and average foot angle height. The Juote-daughters have a good gait. The udders are of a fine skin and highly attached with a strong suspensory ligament. The teat length and placement is correct.Juote can clearly increase the production and conformation of his progeny - above all due to the mentioned feet and legs quality - up to show cows. A use as heifer-bull –103- is possible. The bull is recommended for the DTG.