Macao, Zunder, Jeff

15:36Age: 18 yrs

August, 2001 the herdbook society 'Rinderzuchtverband Sachsen-Anhalt (RSA)' organised a progeny inspection of the bulls Macao, Zunder and Jeff. Following is the comment of Dr. Eiso Busemann.

Macao 820407
(Mandel x Melwood x Bell)
ZW (Verden) 8/01: + 2.561 - 0,59 + 49 - 0,26 + 60 RZM 132 RZE 131 RZG 141

There were inspected 8 daughters in 8 herds.They are good middle-framed heifers with a lot of dairy character and a good body depth. The rump width is above average and tend to be level. All in all they have dry bones with foot angles of normal height.

The udders are equipped with a strong suspensory ligament, an average rear udder height, correct teat placement and a good fore udder attachment. Considering the fat- and protein percentage Macao should be used as prepotent sire to increase the dairy character, body depth and the udder traits.

Zunder 820416
(Zack x Aerostar x Bell)
ZW (Verden) 8/01: + 1.389 - 0,06 + 53 + 0,05 + 52 RZM 127 RZE 124 RZG 137
There were inspected 5 daughters in 5 herds, they were all at the end of the first lactation period. All in all medium-sized, sounded heifers, with partly strong ascending rump angles. The rumps should be observed. They have strong feet and legs with a slightly steep angle, which are founded on strong and closed claws.

The strong points in his transmission are the udders, especially regarding the udder-depth, fore udder and teat placement.

Zunder should be used for the increase of strength and especially for the increase of udder traits.

Jeff 820459 (Juror x Aerostar x Triple)
ZW (Verden) 8/01: + 1.554 + 0,05 + 70 - 0,03 + 50 RZM 129 RZE 121 RZG 136


There were inspected 7 daughters in 7 herds – with one exception all first calvers. Medium-sized daughters with a good fore leg, good transitions and varying rump widths. The influence of Juror appears with the feet and legs regarding angle, setting and foot angle height.

The rear udder height is average with a strong ligament. The fore udder attachment and the short teats should be observed.