Progeny inspection of the bull Emil




Rainer Schulz

Rainer Schulz is sire analyst of "Rinderzuchtverband Sachsen-Anhalt (RSA). He is in charge of the breeding programme of RSA. Furthermore, he is one of the sire analysts of TopQ.




"There were presented eleven daughters of Emil which demonstrated a uniform progeny with a clear transmission scheme. The daughters of Emil have a lot of size and are able to develop. They convinced by an excellent dairy character, a good body length with a firm top line and an open rib. The rump width was, in contrast to the linear discription, average and the rumps were correctly sloped. The feet and legs presented a good bone quality. The rear legs were a bit more sickled and tend to be narrow. The quality of foot angle was average. The wide udders were equipped with a strong suspensory ligament, however, the fore udders should be a bit longer. The teats were placed correctly under the quarters."

EMIL 800.955
Esquimau x Southwind x Spruce x Apache

+2079 -0,14 +74 -0,12 +58

RZG 139 RZM 137 RZE 125




Emil-daughter Emilie