June, 2001 the herdbook society 'Verein Ostfriesischer Stammviehzüchter (VOST)' organised a progeny inspection of the bull Jurino. There were inspected 10 daughters in 10 herds (8 in the 1st lactation, 1 dry, 1 in the 2nd lactation). Following is the comment of Willi Flaßkamp.

'The daughters presented offered a very uniform picture and showed clear transmission tendencies in all traits.
The daughters of Jurino are very tall and long cows with a firm top line. They have a very open and deep rib with medium strength in the fore leg. The rumps are wide, however, they could be a bit more sloped sometimes.
The rear legs slightly tend to be more sickled. The rear leg set as well as the quality of the hocks are good. The claws are clearly above average.
The fore udders are long and firmly attached. The udder depth and teat placement is correct. The rear udders could be a bit higher, however, they have a strong suspensory ligament.
Jurino is a good conformation sire recommended to improve size and type. When mating, the average rear udder height should be observed.'