Show successes in France

We have got news from France on show successes of even two of our bulls.

Maserati daughter became new champion in Spain

More than 34,000 visitors gathered at the 34th Primavera Campllong, the local spring fair in the city of Campllong in the Spanish province Girona in the first weekend of April 2016.

Training in reproduction in cattle at the animal breeding center in Kaliningrad (KTZ)

Besides the semen distribution of sires of different cattle breeds, GGI also offers further support when it comes to cattle breeding to our partners worldwide.

Antares enthuses in Zoelen

The show “Avondbloesemshow” of the breeding club Midden-Betuwe took place in Zoelen, Netherlands, on April 8th 2016. A progeny group of our sire Antares was presented there.

Show news from Europe

Numerous shows took place worldwide in the past few weeks and daughters of our sires were very successful at some of them. We do not want to hold these news back.

Genomic bulls in April 2016

There were lots of changes in the genomic proof run. Of course, this is due to the RZG adjustment which cost top bulls an average deduction of approx. 6 points. Detailed information can be obtained in the attached files. In...

Many changes in the April breeding value estimation 2016

With this April proof run, vit made two changes for the RZG calculation. This also results in changes of ranks. The changes can be seen in the attached files.
Commenting is a little more complex due to these additional effects....