Excellent cows in the Netherlands

Besides great news from our partner GGI-Holland on the new cows with high productions in the Netherlands, there are three cows who were classified “excellent” recently.

Jannsen daughter Roza reached 100,000 kg milk

Selhorst Roza 147, a daughter of our proven sire Jannsen, is not unknown.

Successful show summer in Europe

In the summer months of 2016, daughters of our bulls competed successfully in shows in several European countries. Progeny of GGI bulls placed highly in France and Portugal. We can report two victories at once from the...

Successful shows for Gold-Red and Rustler

In the past few weeks, daughters of our bulls Gold-Red and Rustler successfully attended shows in Portugal and Great Britain. We do not want to hold back this news.

Apoll P: New top price at an international sale again

Since January 2015, when he entered service, he has been leading the top group of the Red Holstein top list by gRZG or has been among the Top-5.

Goldday and Mad Max successful in Denmark

There was really something going on again regarding shows in Europe.

Red Holstein champion in Estonia

Not only was a cattle show held in Ettelbrück, Luxembourg, on Friday, July 1st 2016, but also in Estonia. 72 cows, thereof 46 Holsteins and 26 Red Holsteins, competed against each other in the museum of agriculture in Ülenurmel.